Using stem cells and rats to find solutions on penile dysfunction.

ratRelief for men suffering from penile dysfunction may be at hand,if a new study using rats is anything to go by. The recent study done on rats established that putting adult stem cells on graft penis instead of using graft alone can boost healing process and enhance sexual function. Men with penile impairments usually undergo surgical procedures that may result in erectile complications.

A global authority in urology, Wayne Hellstrom of Tulane University in Lousiana wanted to know whether he could offer his patients surgical procedures by building an improvised penis graft, an endeavor in which he was joined by colleagues from California and China. The team assembled pig intestine grafts laced with mature stem cells which had been extracted from fat rat tissues. They made cuttings on the rat penises because rats don’t suffer from the Peronies disease. They then did operation on the scarred rodents as if on humans. Eight rats received graft penises with stem cells and another eight without the stem cells. Another group had the surgery without any graft, and still another did not have any surgery at all so as to act as a control group.

Eight weeks after the surgery Hellstrom and colleagues found that the ones that stem cells put on the graftshad less scarring as well as better erectile responses. The results of the surgery were tabled online have served to show that this kind of operationhelps patients get better penises than when the surgery is done with grafts that have no stem cells.

Other urologists from various universities in the US have lauded the novel reasearch findings, acknowledging that they are a sign that the much-sought remedy for men with penile impaiirments may be soon established. The researchers are planning to undertake the same surgical procedure on primates before trying it on humans. The research however notes that this procedure is only useful in reconstructing a penis and not in cases where surgeons have to build a penis from the scratch.