The Link Between Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Fish and Cognitive Ability in Women

fit womenAccording to leading lipid biochemist and psychiatrist Joseph Hibbeln, the government should change its standard dietary recommendations because recent research has proven that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish increases a woman’s cognitive ability more than omega-6 fatty acids. A change in dietary recommendations is even more critical for pregnant women as a fetus might not develop properly if some nutrients are lacking.

At the University of California, Professors Steven Gaulin and William Lassek observed that women who had more fat in their hips and thighs had cognitive test scores that were higher than those whose fat accumulated around the waist. Accordingly the fat on the hips meant that the mother had more omega-3s stored as opposed to the omega 6 fatty acids stored at the waist area. Interestingly enough even the children benefitted from the omega 3s taken by their mother as proven by comparative cognitive assessments. These two experts tested their theory by gathering data from boys and girls at a study during the Third National Health and Nurition Examination. Once other variables like the parental financial status and education as well as the age, ethnicity and other factors affecting the child were isolated it soon became apparent that young girls who took in more omega-3 from fish performed better on their cognitive exams which included an IQ test.

Despite the fact that there are other factors that influence intelligence like the education of the parents and genetics. There is clear proof that exists which point to a difference in the child’s test scores. A girl’s cognitive exam is two times better than a boy’s even if the boy eats more omega-3 fatty acids. In relation to this there is also a study detailing the relationship between omega 6 fatty acids and how it impedes cognition.

These researches not only show increased cognition when one increases omega 3 intake but that if the body lacks this fatty acids risks like depression, suicide, bi-polar disorder and other illnesses increase. These according to Hibbeln should be taken seriously and not just set aside.