The life and times of Ruđer Josip Bošković

Ruđer Josip BoškovićBorn on 18th May 1711, Ruđer Josip Bošković was a legendary theorist. Not only a theorist but he was also an astronomer, philosopher, physicist, poet, Jesuit priest, diplomat, a polymath and what not. He was a native of Dubrovnik which is now known as Croatia. He used to live in Italy & France and many of his works were also published there. His most famous work was his work on atomic theory. He has also made major contributions towards the world of astronomy. He was the first theorist ever to discover the geometric process for the determination of the equator of a planet that is rotating.

Major works by Ruđer Josip Bošković

Ruđer Josip Bošković also used to work as a consultant for civil works departments regarding the development of ports, rivers, etc. Few of his major works j=have been summarized below,

  • He did the assessment of the damage caused to the jetties of timber in Fiumicino, which was a navigable tributary of the river Tiber.
  • He also worked on the project of Ozzeri which was struck by the controversy due to the floods in the areas between the borders of Lucca & Tuscany.
  • He was also a part of the plan made for drainage of Pontine Marshes which also included the assessment of a project started earlier by Bertaglia and Manfredi in 1764.
  • He wrote a various scientific papers on hydrodynamics and its principles in Lechhis Idrostatica in the year 1765.
  • He developed a report on the floods in Perugia in 1766.
  • He also contributed towards the report which was prepared on the damage caused to the Savona port mentioning the causes of the damage and also the plan to repair the same.
  • He gave his expert opinion on the Tidone River in Piacenze.
  • He forwarded the proposal for the renovation of the fountains of Perugia.
  • He also gave several suggestions in order to improve the river bed at the mouth of Adige River
  • He also gave instructions on the development of the team which was responsible for the establishment of the drainage system in the Pontine Marshes.
  • He gave his expert comments on the project of Ximenes’s regarding the channel of drainage in Lucca in 1781.

Ruđer Josip Bošković’s legacy

Ruđer Josip Bošković’s atomic theory was a precise and clearly formulated process which was utilized by the principles of the mechanics of Newton. Michael Faraday was inspired by this theory which led to the development of the theory of field for the interaction of electromagnets. William Rowan, lord Kelvin, Saint Venant, Hamilton and many other physicists and theorists proved many advantages of the Boškovićian’s atom in comparison to various other rigid atoms. Some were even of the opinion that the atomic theory of Bošković formed the basis for his attempts made by Albert Einstein regarding the theory of the unified field. They also believed that Bošković was the first theorist to propose and envisage a mathematical philosophy for all natural forces. Nikola Tesla a renowned scientist and Einstein’s critic stressed in an interview that the theory of relativity given by Einstein was also the work of Bošković.