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Everlasting intimacy

turtlesBeing intimate is one of the most exciting things that one can wish to happen in their life or experience it. However, it becomes awkward when one dies in the process and the pair gets to be preserved in that state for years until one day they are uncovered then they become a subject of discussion. Where people will struggle to justify and compete for the spot for who will be the one to deliver the best solution to it. Some decades ago a group turtles were unfortunate as they met this fate.

Palaeontologists have discovered a group of couples of the species who died and were preserved by nature in that state and it is the only of its kind among vertebrates. Looking beyond the unfortunate event that accosted the couples, this provides an insight into the condition of the environment at that time. For a long time now the Messel pit in west central Germany has provide fossils that have been well preserved over the years under the layers. These consists of full skeletons of varied sizes of different ancient creatures such as pygmy horses, rodents, insects and even feathers that still exhibit features of their original colours. An experienced palaeontologist from the University of Tubingen Germany specializing in vertebrates known as Joyce Walters says that the oily layer that engulfs the fossils comes from the lake sediments that lay on the bed of the lake. Even though many fossils have been excavated from there, site only the nine couples that occur in pairs. Continue reading Everlasting intimacy