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The lifesaving experiment seen as a human pandemic threat.

researchFrom the time when the noxious H5N1 avian flu killed a boy in Hong Kong in 1997, it has scared the world and also health experts who are working day and night to look for a cure of this perilous flu. Up to now it has killed a total of 340 people and it is feared that in the future it might be a pandemic. This virus can blight mammals and is also said to be proficient at killing chickens but presently none of these animals have got the disease and not even the bets doctors know the real reason to this.

To study what makes H5N1 communicable and also precarious amid mammals, two scientists got engaged in the study. Yoshihiro Kawaoka from the University of Wisconsin concentrated his study on an amalgam flu virus that is from avian H5 and human H1N1 plague flu that was serious in 2009. Ron Foucheier from a medical center known as Erasmus in Rotterdam, Netherlands tried to make the virus poison cells upper in the respiratory tract by naturally improving his H5 pressure. They then wedged the strains in the noses of furrows. Continue reading The lifesaving experiment seen as a human pandemic threat.