Quiz 8

Quiz 8 Questions

  1. A stroboscope is: (a) a device for measuring the speed of flashing lights (b) a telescope for viewing dark objects (c) a device that helps take photos of fast-moving objects.
  2. Which two Australian animals are the only living monotremes?
  3. We get seasick because of mixed messages from two of our organs. Which two?
  4. Fullerenes, graphite and diamonds are allotropes (distinct forms) of which element?
  5. Ethanol-blended petrol sold in Australia can contain up to what percentage of ethanol?

Quiz Answers

  1. c
  2. Echidnas and platypuses
  3. Your (inner) ears and your eyes. Proprioception (your brain’s ‘map’ of muscles and senses) also might play a strong role.
  4. Carbon
  5. 10%. Ethanol added to petrol reduces the amounts of greenhouse gases and other emissions that are produced by the vehicle’s exhaust.