Quiz 23

  1. Where would you find Hadley and Ferrel cells?
  2. How many chromosomes do human somatic cells have?
  3. What is the Gaia hypothesis?
  4. When you eat ‘hot’ foods such as chilli peppers you excite your tongue’s a) nociceptors, b) olfactory sensors or c) photoreceptors.
  5. What is a PHEV?

  1. In the Earth’s atmosphere. They are terms used to describe air currents.
  2. Somatic cells are non sex cells. They have forty-six chromosomes: 22 matching pairs plus the male and female sex chromosomes.
  3. The Gaia hypothesis is a term coined by James Lovelock describing the theory that everything on Earth is part of a single, interacting, living super-organism.
  4. a) nocireceptors
  5. PHEV is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle; a car that could one day end up in every Australian driveway. CSIRO and Victorian energy distributor SP AusNet are running a trial of specially modified PHEVs to see how their use would affect electricity demands, and whether they could also be used to store electricity from renewable energy sources.