Quiz 22

  1. True or false? Identical twins have the same fingerprints?
  2. For which of the following did Leonardo da Vinci not sketch a design? a) helicopter, b) odometer, or c) zip.
  3. What is the link between a chicken’s eggs and its earlobes?
  4. When is it hot enough to ‘fry an egg’?
  5. How many times can aluminium be recycled?

    1. False
    2. c) zip
    3. Colour. Hens with white earlobes usually lay eggs with white shells; hens with red earlobes usually lay brown eggs.
    4. When the surface you are cooking on reaches 65 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature needed to get yolk proteins to coagulate (cook); whites will coagulate at a slightly lower temperature.
    5. Aluminium is a fully sustainable metal which means that it can be recycled an unlimited number of times.