Quiz 19

Quiz 19 Questions

  1. Which is stronger, the male or female dung beetle?
  2. How many women have been sent into space so far?
  3. The flow of which ionised element within muscle cells causes them to contract or relax? a) chlorine, b) krypton, c) calcium, d) iron
  4. Is a light year a measure of time or distance?
  5. What is the main natural predator of coral around the Great Barrier Reef?

Quiz Answers

  1. It?s not all about size ? while the female is larger, the male is stronger. It can pull over 1,000 times its own body weight. That?s equivalent to a 70-kilogram person lifting 80 tonnes.
  2. 54. Currently, there are four women in space and this is the most there has been at any one time. There have been over 400 men sent into space so far.
  3. c. Builds strong bones and helps your muscles work ? is there anything it can?t do?
  4. Distance. It is the distance light travels in one year.
  5. Seastars (Crown-of-thorn). Coral reefs often form around scuttled ships, of which there are 17 in Commonwealth waters. The Australian Government has just permitted the scuttling of the ex-HMAS Adelaide off Avoca Beach.