Quiz 17

Quiz 17 Questions

  1. Why do mosquitoes drink blood?
  2. True or false? You are taller in space than on Earth.
  3. Rank the temperature of the following from highest to lowest: molten lava, surface of the Sun, peak temperature of lightning, the filament of a tungsten light bulb.
  4. Which area of the human brain processes visual information?
  5. Do aphids lay eggs or give birth to live young?

Quiz Answers

  1. To create fertile eggs (only females drink blood). They also urinate whilst drinking the blood to balance salt levels and shed some weight before take-off. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!
  2. True. The lower gravity in space takes a load off an astronaut’s joints and spine, giving them up to an extra 5cm to 7cm in height.
  3. Peak temperature of lightning (over 20 000 Kelvin), surface of the sun (over 5000 Kelvin), the filament of a tungsten light bulb (over 2500 Kelvin), molten lava (over 1000 Kelvin).
  4. The occipital lobe.
  5. Either, depending on the environment. Aphids have the remarkable ability to produce live clones or fertilised eggs based on environmental conditions. CSIRO scientists have shown that the pea aphid can even produce offspring with different physical characteristics in response to changes in temperature, day length or the availability of food.