Quiz 15

Quiz 15 Questions

  1. An oologist is an expert in what?
  2. True or False. The iPod Nano is a product of nanotechnology.
  3. Which of the following animals will explode themselves (autothysis) to defend against predators? a) squirrels, b) ants, c) frogs, d) blowfish
  4. What is the loudest snoring ever recorded?
  5. How much space will the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) take up?

Quiz Answers

  1. Eggs.
  2. True. The iPod nano’s flash memory chip and the iPhone’s touchscreen are both products of nanotechnology.
  3. b. In a body-shattering display of true self-sacrifice, the Carpenter ant (Camponotus saundersi) will violently contract its abdominal muscles and rupture its body, spraying poison and glue in all directions to protect the colony.
  4. 111.6 decibels. This is as loud as a chainsaw.
  5. Despite its cunning name, the SKA will actually be at least 3000-5000 kilometres wide, spanning several countries. The collecting surface itself, however, will be approximately one square kilometre. The CSIRO-operated precursor to the SKA, the Australia Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, has just received its first radio signal from space.