Quiz 14

Quiz 14 Questions

  1. What is an ephemeral wetland?
  2. Do human babies have more or fewer bones than adults?
  3. How do vultures keep their legs cool?
  4. How many orbits around the Earth does the International Space Station complete per day? a) One, b) None – it is stationary, c) Less than 10, d) More than 10.
  5. Of the seven continents that exist today, which has the oldest rocks?

Quiz Answers

  1. A wetland that only appears when it rains.
  2. The song, ‘Dem bones’, goes for a lot longer as a baby because they have about 90 more bones. A number of them fuse together to leave the 206 bones that the average adult has.
  3. By urinating on them. They also projectile vomit their stomach acid to defend themselves against predators. Charming.
  4. d. The ISS travels at approximately 27 724 kilometres per hour, completing about 15.7 orbits per day. That’s one fast spacewalk!
  5. Australia. About 45 per cent of our land and over 90 per cent of our marine area has never been comprehensively studied by scientists. A new initiative called ‘Bush Blitz’ aims at tackling these unstudied areas and is expected to discover hundreds of new species.