Quiz 13

Quiz 13 Questions

  1. In which area of science would you find elves and sprites?
  2. True or false: Viruses can replicate outside of a host’s cells.
  3. Place these in the order they appear in the periodic table: boron, silicon, calcium, potassium.
  4. The ‘u-bend’ was introduced into toilets by whom?
  5. By what process do bees produce honey from nectar? a) purification, b) regurgitation, c) denitrification, d) pollination

Quiz Answers

  1. Meteorology. Sprites are large-scale electrical discharges high above a thunderstorm cloud. Elves, or ‘Emissions of Light and Very low frequency perturbations from Electromagnetic pulse Sources’, are a glow caused by colliding electrons.
  2. False. Viruses can only replicate inside the cells of other organisms.
  3. Boron, silicon, potassium, calcium.
  4. Thomas Crapper. The ‘u-bend’ stops sewer gases from entering buildings.
  5. b. Bees regurgitate nectar several times, often as a group, to produce honey. Yum! Honey isn’t the only thing they produce – they also make silk. CSIRO scientists have used honeybee silk to leap one step closer to being the first to artificially produce insect silk. They have managed to draw out strands of honeybee silk from a ‘soup’ of proteins produced with the help of bacterium E. coli.