Quiz 12

Quiz 12 Questions

  1. The Earth’s liquid outer core is comprised primarily of which two metals?
  2. By changing a sound wave’s amplitude, are you changing its pitch, volume or timbre?
  3. How can you make a rainbow disappear, without blotting out the Sun?
  4. Which walks faster, a Christmas beetle or a dragonfly?
  5. How high can a shortfin mako shark jump out of water? a) 1-2 metres, b) 3-4 metres, c) 5+ metres, d) mako sharks can’t jump!

Quiz Answers

  1. Iron and Nickel.
  2. Volume.
  3. Slide on some polarised sunnies. Rainbows are almost entirely polarised. By tilting your head one side to the other, you can make them brighter or disappear entirely.
  4. The Christmas beetle. The dragonfly never gets picked for a 3-legged egg-and-spoon race because it can’t actually walk! Those six boots aren’t made for walking – they’re used to catch prey mid-air and perch.
  5. c. The shortfin mako shark is possibly the fastest shark, and can leap over 5 metres out of the water. The Australian Government has now listed the shortfin mako shark as a migratory species, which means it will be more protected within Australian waters.