Quiz 11

Quiz 11 Questions

  1. What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?
  2. Are the tears caused by cutting onions different from sadness tears?
  3. What primary sense does the common barn owl (Tyto alba) use to hunt?
  4. In 1851, the Foucault pendulum demonstrated what? (a) The Earth revolves around the Sun (b) The first perpetual motion machine (c) That grandfather clocks were still in fashion (d) The earth rotates on its own axis
  5. What is the difference between rogue waves and tsunamis?

Quiz Answers

  1. It is a 40 000km wide horseshoe-shaped area where over 75 per cent of the world’s volcanoes exist and about 90 per cent of the world’s earthquakes occur.
  2. Emotional tears contain more protein-based hormones (including natural painkillers) that the body produces when under stress.
  3. Don’t let those big eyes fool you! The answer is hearing.
  4. d
  5. Tsunamis generally only become a danger in shallow water close to the shorelines, and are not a danger to ships or platforms far out at sea. Rogue waves, however, are. These are generally found far out at sea, and can measure up to 30 meters high! CSIRO has recently begun modelling these waves, using fluid-flow mathematics and computer modelling. By smashing these virtual waves into oil and gas platforms, the CSIRO hopes to improve the design of structures used in the deep ocean.