Quiz 10

Quiz 10 Questions

  1. What are known as ‘ghost particles’, because they are so difficult to find?
  2. Which two metals can be combined to produce brass?
  3. What was special about the first second of 2009?
  4. What is a bogie? (a) the wheels and undercarriage on a train (b) a pre-cancerous lump growing on the spinal column (c) a slang term for astronauts’ food packs (c) a measurement unit used in tsarist Russia.
  5. For what can we thank the cactoblastis caterpillar?

Quiz 10 Answers

  1. Neutrinos. They were proposed in 1930, but the first neutrino wasn’t actually detected until 1956.
  2. Copper and zinc.
  3. It was late! A leap second was added at midnight on 31 December 2008 to bring our clocks into line with the Earth’s rotation.
  4. (a)
  5. For helping to control the weed prickly pear. Weeds cost our economy billions of dollars per year, damage ecosystems and threaten native plant and animal species.