Quiz 12

Quiz 12 Questions

  1. The Earth’s liquid outer core is comprised primarily of which two metals?
  2. By changing a sound wave’s amplitude, are you changing its pitch, volume or timbre?
  3. How can you make a rainbow disappear, without blotting out the Sun?
  4. Which walks faster, a Christmas beetle or a dragonfly?
  5. How high can a shortfin mako shark jump out of water? a) 1-2 metres, b) 3-4 metres, c) 5+ metres, d) mako sharks can’t jump!

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Quiz 11

Quiz 11 Questions

  1. What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?
  2. Are the tears caused by cutting onions different from sadness tears?
  3. What primary sense does the common barn owl (Tyto alba) use to hunt?
  4. In 1851, the Foucault pendulum demonstrated what? (a) The Earth revolves around the Sun (b) The first perpetual motion machine (c) That grandfather clocks were still in fashion (d) The earth rotates on its own axis
  5. What is the difference between rogue waves and tsunamis?

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Quiz 10

Quiz 10 Questions

  1. What are known as ‘ghost particles’, because they are so difficult to find?
  2. Which two metals can be combined to produce brass?
  3. What was special about the first second of 2009?
  4. What is a bogie? (a) the wheels and undercarriage on a train (b) a pre-cancerous lump growing on the spinal column (c) a slang term for astronauts’ food packs (c) a measurement unit used in tsarist Russia.
  5. For what can we thank the cactoblastis caterpillar?

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Quiz 9

Quiz 9 Questions

  1. What biological material is a rhinoceros horn made from?
  2. Given a speed limit of 100km per hour, how long would it take to get to the International Space Station if it passed directly overheard?
  3. Is the moon’s orbit; a) slowly getting bigger, b) staying the same, c) slowly getting smaller.
  4. How many weeks of gestation must a foetus reach before it can be born and not be considered premature?
  5. African Big Headed, Yellow Crazy and Tropical Fire are types of which animal?

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Quiz 8

Quiz 8 Questions

  1. A stroboscope is: (a) a device for measuring the speed of flashing lights (b) a telescope for viewing dark objects (c) a device that helps take photos of fast-moving objects.
  2. Which two Australian animals are the only living monotremes?
  3. We get seasick because of mixed messages from two of our organs. Which two?
  4. Fullerenes, graphite and diamonds are allotropes (distinct forms) of which element?
  5. Ethanol-blended petrol sold in Australia can contain up to what percentage of ethanol?

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Quiz 6

Quiz 6 Questions

  1. What is phosphene? a. Seeing bright lights and stars when you rub your eyes b. the scientific name for native bird saliva c. a strong chemical which removes bath mould d. a flavouring in ice-cream
  2. How many times does the average human’s heart beat a day?
  3. Which one do we know more about; the surface of the moon or the bottom of the ocean?
  4. How many lenses do dragonflies have in each eye? a. 3 b. 3,000 c. 300,000
  5. What is Australia’s largest butterfly?

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