Infrared Treatment May Prevent Blindness

Doctoral researchers in Australia have discovered a revolutionary treatment for damaged retinas. Using near infrared light, they have been able to both prevent damage and reverse sustained damage to the retinas through intense light damage. This new finding shows promise of helping to prevent blindness in people whose eyes have suffered light damage that can lead to blindness.

When the eyes are damaged by light, the vision cells become overly stressed and essentially shut down. Once they have shut themselves down, they eventually die. When vision cells have died, there is no way to recover them. Often what happens is one group of cells shuts down in the retina- a “hot-spot” of damaged cells, and then it spreads outward from that area.

With this new method of reversing damage using gentle, pain free infrared light, those damaged cells can be recovered before they die. Exposure to the near infrared light every day for less than a week shows incredible capabilities of healing damaged cells, and restoring vision.

In addition to providing treatment for eyes damaged from light, this process also shows promise for those suffering from Macular Degeneration, and even Dry Macular Degeneration- the leading cause of blindness in developed countries. The trick is providing treatment immediately after damage has ensued, or when a positive diagnosis of DMD is made. Once the cells have died, there is no way to get them back. Treating them when they are in the damaged phase- before death- can make the cells more resistant to stress and bring them back to a functioning status.

Not only is this an amazing treatment showing great promise- it is also affordable. The array of small LED lights the doctors use, make this process completely pain free and incredibly affordable. The researchers remark that the affordability is exciting in itself due to the high cost of blindness.