Ever Wondered What Is Dark Matter

dark matterDark matter is something that has been on the minds of many scientists inclusive of astronomers ever since the theory of the evolution theory. It has sparkled the curiosity and imagination of many. There have been many suggestions about what dark matter is and this has brought about misunderstandings about how to define it. Some have termed dark matter to be a normal matter in the atmosphere and day to day life that cannot be seen while others have gone ahead and modified this and said it is something the naked eye and other apparatus such as the telescope cannot see. But we can today look at dark matter as an expansion of the universe. This dark matter is about 84% of the universe. Dark matter cannot be seen by the naked eye or scientific inventions. It doesn’t absorb light or energy in electromagnetic state. We can describe dark matter as a universe material that is there but is not seen to be there and the fact that we cannot see it does not mean we deny its existence.

The fact that dark matter is plentiful in the universe means that it interacts with human beings everyday. It is said that it interacts with an average person’s body approximately once every 60 seconds. Even now as people read this article, dark matter is busy bombarding with their body’s and they don’t it.

As earlier stated, the greater part of the universe is made up of matter that we cannot see and that is why many scientists have pursued this subject, to try and explain the known unknown though they have till date never been able to find it. One of the theories that have been brought into the open is that one of the materials of dark matter constitutes of something referred to as Weakly Interacting Massive Particle or WIMP in short. WIMP has proved to be promising in trying to decipher what dark matter is and what it is made up of though no tangible results have been arrived at.

Cosmologists have agreed that though no tangible results have been arrived at in respect to trying and locating dark mater, it is part of the universe and they have published their theories in newspapers stating that the universe is made up of a open and free matter that is not visible to the eye.

They have been able to ascertain because of its properties as earlier mentioned, dark matter does not interact with normally with other matter in the otherwise we would be able to see it. It is speculated that this dark matter interacts with both the hydrogen and oxygen nucleus and changes their spinning direction and speed. They have gone ahead and used an average human for this experiment weighing about 70kg to see how these interactions of dark matter and regular matter take place e.g how many WIMP interactions take place in a minute though it has been said that maybe less than 10 may interact with the human body’s nuclei in any given year.