Crayfish strange characteristics of deception

crayfishThese fresh water astacoidea also known as crawfish live in water that does not freeze to the base, they breathe through the gills and their bodies are divided into twenty segments. They average to the length of seven inches and contain several species. One fact is that they cannot live dirty water but amazingly feed on dead animals.

Crayfish is a creature that has unique characteristics unmatched to any marine animals, when you keenely look at the male species the claws differ in size and strength. Moreover, the size of the animal does not matter when it comes to territorial domination, research has shown that dominance can be attained by those that are of comparatively smaller size.

Territorial dominance is successful when there are fights amongst the male genus of crayfish, this dominion can only be achieved when one challenges the opponent in broils. During this stage, the act of deception to win the clash is overshadowed by deception, which is a natural instinct amongst animals.

Claws are the deciding factor during these brawls, the bigger and stronger the claws the higher the chances of winning the fight. It has been scientifically proven that not all big crayfish have big claws, and some relatively small crayfish have astonishing big claws. This gives them an advantage over the opponent, deception is always at high levels amongst these crustaceans.

Research done by Michael Angelita of Arizona state University, case study of crayfish claws on male chirax dispar trying to determine the strength of individual claws, the results showed that the same size of limbs could exert different levels of pressure on the tweezer like instruments. The size of limb did not actually determine the stenghth of the specific claw, some big claws were relatively weak. Contrary to expectations, the same size of limbs could exert varying pressure.

During these fights, deception is the art of war, size and strength of claws matters even if the limb is weak it might be waved to distract the opponent. While a small stronger claw waiting to be unleashed on the enemy. The different in sizes of these claws is caused when the claws regenerate after brawls.

Deception is wide spread in nature and crustaceans have exhibited this character during the broils to fool their opponents. This work is an essential part of study into how cheating and bluffing has evolved over the years, it hints into the very vice of dishonesty.

However, despite crayfish strange characteristics they are a delicacy in many cultures, you can enjoy these meals when on holiday or just at home. The many cooking methods and recipes used will make you forget about the claws and male domineering traits. What you have to do is prepare onions, add cut green pepper, garlic in butter on your pan, you can also add seasoning to make it tastier. Cook on medium heat until tender crisp then serve. This is the reason that it is accepted as one of the sea food that is recommended for you eat to be more healthy, it is very nutritious try it out.