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Tree Transplantation And The Future Of British Columbia

pile of paperIn the past year, almost a third of British Columbia’s total exports consisted of wood and paper products, bringing in close to $9 billion. The government has then put all its efforts in transplanting 250,000 larch seedlings up to 200 miles outside the species’ native range, resulting in the largest plant assisted-migration in history. Experts predicted that previous habitats of the trees will become derelict and are therefore trying to save the future of the larch and other trees by relocating them and in the process trying to boost the economy of British Columbia. Continue reading Tree Transplantation And The Future Of British Columbia

Does A Black Hole Roam Solo Around The Universe?

Black HoleAn exile is possible even for the humongous creations in the gravity. Experts who study astronomy have spotted two very interesting and peculiar objects in the galaxy. These seem to entail an evidence of a black hole monster on its way to extinction. The discovery would test the theory of Einstein on relativity in the context of immense gravity that was not tested before. Furthermore, the outcome would propose invisible gigantic black holes roaming around the universe that floats freely as they merged from the galaxies.

Laura Blecha of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts noted that black holes going solo has to be calculated for they would be uncommon. She, her colleagues and astronomer Francesca Civano of Harvard-Smithsonian did an x-ray which was very comprehensive of the galaxy CID-42 which has a distance from the Earth of approximately around 4 billion light-years. They decided to put emphasis in this region after two visible dense light objects in the parameter of the body, were captured by a Hubble Space Telescope. Continue reading Does A Black Hole Roam Solo Around The Universe?

Water on Mars

MarsWhile most of the scientific community believes that at one point, billions of years ago, there was water on Mars, it has been a difficult task to prove true. Two researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Brian Hynek and Gaetano Di Achille have uncovered some new evidence that might shed light onto the subject.

While analyzing 52 different river deltas on the Martian surface, they discovered an interesting connection between 17 of them. Deltas are piles of sediment that form at the outlets of a river, similar to the one that the Mississippi River has been creating at the Gulf of Mexico. What Hynek and Achille have discovered is that 17 of the deltas on Mars are at a similar elevation within one standard deviation of each other, never straying more than 177 meters above or below the elevation they believe to be the surface of an ancient Martian ocean. Continue reading Water on Mars